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Our friends at post trans have created a set of questions addressed to female and male detransitioners and desisters that is aimed at gathering more information about their experiences aimed at gathering more information about their experiences,

Founded by Nele and Ellie, two female detransitioners from Belgium and Germany, Post Trans is a project aiming to give a voice to female individuals who have stopped identifying as trans. Their beautiful illustrations provide a space for female detransitioners to share their experiences as well as giving an alternative narrative to the common discussions on transidentity.

The answers will be collected anonymously and used to enrich the content of the detransition booklet with insights, advice and perspectives coming from detransitioners themselves.

The questionaire (here) takes several minutes, and asks questions such as 'What information would you have liked to have access to when detransitioning/desisting?' and 'What would you like people, in general, to be aware of when it comes to detransition?'

The Detransition Advocacy Network is excited to see this new project, and we think it will be valuable to the community to collate experiences in this way.

(P.S. You can contact Post Trans if you have a story to share here.)

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