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Illusions and Realities. Transgender motivations and desires.

12 October 2020

The transgender participants’ inclusive project intends to explore motivations and desires presented by transgender people and its realisation post transition. The aim of the study is to increase

awareness of the people who undergo gender transition. By participating in the research project, you will:

- Give your say on the important aspects of gender transition - Help people who consider gender reassignment to make the consent-based decision


  • Adult

  • MtF, FtM or Non-Binary

  • Currently transition gender

  • or

  • Completed gender transition at least 10 years ago

  • or

  • Decided to stop transition

Ethical approval

This study has been granted Exeter University Psychology department ethics committee approval on the 6th October 2020.

About the researcher

This study is conducted by Agnieszka (Agnes) Zalewska as a part of the Doctorate in Clinical Practice at the University of Exeter. Agnes is a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, and she works at the Specialist Gender Identity Clinic in UK. For more information, please see here.

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